Aims Media launches teaser ahead of Ramadan



Aims Media would start providing quality Islamic contents and high standard mainstream broadcasting during Ramadan with the launch of its teaser  to welcome the holy month. Over some years during Ramadan, Aims media has always been giving out a Muslim lifestyle programmes that intend to focus on inspiring, educating, entertaining and engaging World Muslims during and after Ramadan.

According to the managing director Hajia Aminah Muhammad, she said: “Building on the success of last Ramadan season, AIMS MEDIA have designed same concept in the three major Nigerian Languages, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba plus English and Pidgin English to be produced in Aims studio and broadcast on Television stations across the Federation during Ramadan period.”

It has lots of enticing segments like Quran recitation, Tafsir, Cookery segment, gift presentation, drama and lots more. This year’s edition has been packaged to be more fulfilling and productive than before.

Aminah Muhammad added that “The all-inclusive production with the languages is to further portray the universality of Islam and the Quran to harmonise the unique and diverse nature of our country and by extension the world at large speaking one language of the Quran. Our central theme for this year is peaceful coexistence which is relevant to all in the society. It is geared towards promoting one ummah

“We encourage muslims to reach out to us through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram @Aimsmediacompany”

All episodes will be uploaded on our interactive youtube channel for online visibility and for global audience.

You can reach us on 08023069388 or for the various ways you can partner with us to make the project a reality.


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