Head, Presentation & Customer Relations


A budding star in the broadcast industry, Ibrahim has a high sense of determination to rise to the pinnacle and make a mark in the industry. With his unique dress sense and interpersonal relations, his media on air proficiency has quickly qualified   him to combine presentation, news reading, narration and News stand upper.  

His Marketing, public relations, script writing skills has made him complete media personnel. His poise, panache and charisma endear him to his surging fans with the uniqueness of his presentation style. Ibrahim aspires to be the Larry king of this world with his unique sense of identity and brand.

Ibrahim is a product of good quality educational background with Bsc. and MSc. in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos plus several causes relevant to media to enhance his practice. He is one of the few young men that have made cooking as hobby which makes him a chef of different menu.

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