Ileya Children Party



As part of the services of Aims Media Company coordinating events, we recently coordinated an Ileya party which was powered by Bomarah Foundation with support from other partners. The Funfilled mainly for children with a few adult in attendant was held at the exotic newly commissioned Ebis recreation and fun world in Awoyaya Lekki-Ajah express road. The participant who came in Mainly fron the Main;land took it as an adventure and excursion outside their base. Children from At-Tanzeel School were at their best in Karate performance and the quiz segment. The MCPS also display their proficiency in Quranic recitation and other intellectual display. The recreational facility at Ebis were well utilized by the children who were not in hurry to go back to their abode even with the distance. We thank all our partner’s, Bomarah Foundation, Ebis recreation and fun world, Five pillars games, Nurturing Fitrah Foundation and Nestle Nigeria Plc.

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