Ramadan 2020 is fast approaching, and with this Holy month comes some of the much anticipated Television series from the stable of Aims Media Company Limited.

Aims Media Company Limited is an Integrated Media Company with main focus on Television Production. We have over the years stood the test of time in media practice with variety of ethical programmes and Islamic event coverage nationwide and in diaspora.

In addition to our regular English version of our Ramadan broadcast last year, we introduced the Yoruba version of Pathway to Jannah literarily translated to “Ona Olaa” https://youtu.be/TpKFFsYJgRE We broadcast the two versions all through the thirty day period. Building on the success of that, we have designed same concept in the three major Nigerian Languages, Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba plus English and Pidgin English to be produced in our studio and broadcast on Television stations across the Federation.

ONA OLAA: This is the Yoruba version of Pathway to Jannah which was the cynosure of Television viewers. It has lots of enticing segments like Quran recitation, Tafsir, Kitchen, gift presentation and lots more. This year’s edition has been packaged to be more fulfilling and productive than before.

OKPORO UZO JANNAH: This year we are introducing the Igbo version to further enhance the motivation of Muslims in the south east and also to preach unity across board. This version will also be featuring gifts presentation, Quran recitation from the South East reciters, Tafsir in Igbo Language, cookery and lots more. It will surely be an eye opener to the soaring number of South Eastern Muslims.

Igbo Segment of Ramadan 2020 By Aims Media Company

HANYA ZUWA JANNAH: The Arewa people are essential a factor in the history of Islam in Nigeria. This year’s Ramadan brings to you the culture, attributes and modalities of Islam in the northern part of Nigeria. Ramadan Tafsir straight from the Arewa people, hot and fresh will grace your screen. It promises to be knowledge filled programme.

Hausa Segment of Ramadan 2020 By Aims Media Company

ROAD WEY GO HEAVEN: In a way to foster unity across border, we are introducing the Pidgin English version of the Pathway to Jannah so as to carry along our Muslim brothers and sisters in the south-south region. This will not be devoid of the relevant segment as we bring you lectures and Tafsir in Pidgin English, the common Language of the South South Brethren. The meals, culture and traditions and of course the Quran recitation from that region reciters will be the focus of the same half hour package.

English Pidgin of Ramadan 2020 By Aims Media Company

COLLABORRATION: In line with the objective of continuously advocating unity in the country and creating the desired awareness on peaceful coexistence, we solicit for your support on this unique concept as Islaam remains a universal religion with the same language of the Quran. You may wish to sponsor a segment, advertise your brand, and support fisebillillah.

Our interactive quiz segment within the half hour programme is another window where you can avail us gift items for winners of the questions correctly answered. It also serves as an empowerment segment as choice gifts are donated to the programme to empower the lucky winners who are majorly less privileged. A sewing machine was presented to a winner in the last two seasons. This is link to the gift presentation. https://youtu.be/KP8Jmbr0-ms

We can also capture some of your Ramadan activities par adventure you have designated places for feeding people (IFTAR), lectures, Tafsir (explanations of the Quran) a common activity during the period.

1. Apart from earning multiple rewards from Allah, full sponsorship of an episode will entitle you to three spots Ramadan Message/jingle/promo while segment sponsorship will attract one spot.
2. Continuous endorsement of your sponsor’s message by programme anchor;
3. Your brand logo flashes intermittently within the programme/segment;
4. Gift display on the programme or the sponsored segment;
5. The programme will be broadcast for thirty days continuously which means continuous campaign.
7. All episodes will be uploaded on our interactive you tube channel for online visibility and for the global audience.



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